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Yeah. I know. It’s been quite a while, and I’m posting this from my mobile, so forgive any formatting errors until I can get back to my laptop to correct them.
Hope it was at least partially worth the excessive wait.
Thanks, as always, to serenityslady for the beta. Even with her help, some things I changed after she read the draft may have been problematic and all mistakes are my own.

Peter Carlisle was not a happy man.Collapse )

Happy Birthday, Anubischick

I hope you’re doing well, anubischick and I miss your writings. Happy birthday!
An Officer and the Noble Woman, Prologue to Part 53
Author: dtstrainers
Paring: Donna Noble/Peter Carlisle
Rating: MDD for Moping Dope of a Doctor
Word Count: 754
Disclaimer: Donna and Peter- not mine, but in my mind

Yeah, I know, I know.  But rather than let this languish for another week or so, I thought I'd at least present a teaser (or in light of the upcoming American Holiday, an appetizer, or more appropriately, an amuse-bouche to express my apprecation for your support as a reader) for the next chapter of my monster.  I'll post the rest as soon as I can flesh it out from outline form.
It's dark up here on the hill, which suits him.Collapse )

An Officer and the Noble Woman, Pt 52

An Officer and the Noble Woman, Part 52
Author: dtstrainers
Paring: Donna Noble/Peter Carlisle
Rating: A for Anguish and Angst
Word Count: 2,338
Disclaimer: Donna and Peter- not mine, but in my mind.
Thanks, as always to the lovely serenityslady, for suggestions to break up my Writer's Block.  And thanks to dm12 for the not-so-subtle nudge to get off my arse and post already.  Oh, and the unfinished quote at the end is from The Tempest, if you're wondering.

He still hates Sundays. Boring day, Sunday. Nothing good ever happened on a Sunday...Collapse )

I Nearly Spat my Tea Across My Screen

I was getting ready for our next DW screening and a friend from the group was sending me pictures of the items he was providing as door prizes. We're showing Black Orchid and The Doctor's Daughter back-to-back in our first Double Doctor night and Spot the Connection. (Yeah, easy for us, I know, but remember- we're educating relative newbies in the rich traditions, inside jokes and behind-the-scenes back stories.)

And so he sends me this-
And I couldn't stop laughing.

An Officer and the Noble Woman, Pt 51

An Officer and the Noble Woman, Part 51
Author: dtstrainers
Paring: Donna Noble/Peter Carlisle
Rating: PG for a bit of strong language and the Clash of Angry (Near) Immortals
Word Count: 3,218
Disclaimer: Donna and Peter- not mine, but in my mind.
Thanks much to the lovely serenityslady.  As always, your comments are invaluable.
Author's Note:  What the hell is wrong with you people that ANYONE is still here after 50 chapters?!?

"You bastard,” Jack growled as he flung wide the TARDIS door with enough force to bounce it off the wall, the reverberations echoing around the strangely quiet control room.Collapse )
We. Are. Right.

We ARE right, WE ARE RIGHT!!!

Read it. Now!



*Except for the sexy-times but BBC books can't publish that kind of thing.

Be Still My Shippy Little Heart

The Tenth Doctor/Donna stories:

They are all perfect, wonderful, and magnificent, but Death and the Queen is the best of them.

Donna is in fine form and Ten is EXACTLY as I thought he'd act. I have always loved these two together but this is AMAZING.

Go on, toddle off and listen. Wallow in the shippyness of this.

That Awkward Realization

I'm getting ready to go to a party and I just realized I'd much rather stay home and finish up the last few paragraphs of a porny bit I'm writing.

What does that say about me?


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